Man Machine Interactive : Inter-hacking Ma(n)chine

Inter-hacking Ma(n)chine is the initial version of Man Machine Interactive.

It was inspired by the first time I played a Kinect game almost two years ago. The game was (and most game still are) only replicating our posture or ask us to follow some specific posture to lose not.

Are we playing the game or are we manipulated by the game ? ( This question actually also valid to almost any other kind of TV games )

The sensor allow us to capture images with depth data, and report human skeleton, it should opens a lot of opportunity for creative coding. However, not enough successful story yet.

This is why I wanna start a series of artwork to understand the relationship of man and machine. And the first one is about “control or be controlled”, “hack or be hacked”.

This work will firstly be shown at the Hong Kong Mini Maker Faire 2012.


And here is the video documentary.

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