“You don’t have time to deal with fear…”


“You don’t have time to deal with fear…” uses technologies including Augmented Reality and Geolocation Tagging to embed fictive history telling of local hybrid species, quote from bomb removal expert and documentations by offsprings of Lo Ting people, into the present at three selected historic locations, respectively Kam Shan Park, Sha Tin Siu Lek Yuen and Pak Sha Wan Public Pier, to reveal the rarely told stories of Hong Kong that span from prehistory, war time to the future. – by Ellen Pau

I was invited to join Ellen Pau in her AR work created for Augmented Reality Public Art Initiative.

Technical Director: William Wong
Artistic and Research Director: Lo Yin Shan
Producer and Editor: Tsao Yidi
3D artist: Vvzela Kook
Special Thanks to Watershed HK