DECADE, an online video interactive project

” Decade is an online interactive platform featuring music and moving image, presenting cinematic and musical narratives of Hong Kong in the past 100 years. “

quoted from the project  page

This is an exceptional experience for us, since we were pretty focus on non-web interactive project before.

We were commissioned by West Kowloon Cultural District to inherit a live show which has been done in 2013, using the mixed video and audio material, creating a new experience to users that they can act as the conductor of the show again.

It was a challenge to look for the right technology to enable real time video editing with solely HTML5 and browser supported programming language. It took about a month to design, another one for prototyping, and then a final month for fine-tuning and deployment.

Now, it is well finished, and people can  create their own decades and demo to worldwide. It is a very exciting experience for me as part of the team creating it. And I’d definitely creating more online afterward, and of course also online + offline works, 🙂

More screen shots below.

Project website :

Special thanks to Garden co., Noiseless Design and Warmpaper. Thanks pal.