Grandpa Grandma Memory Boxes 老爹媽回憶匣

This is an exhibition showcasing about a group of elderly in nursery who start losing their memory severely.
It is originated from a year-around volunteer work by a group of artists from Art for All.

I do not know Evelyna, the curator, before this event, and I was accidentally discover a message from her son on Facebook, that someone was looking for help on simple electronics, and it turns out to be a simple interactive installation.

There are in total two interactive works. One of them is a sofa that you would hear a whispering from one of the elderly when you sit on them. Another is a painting behind a window, and a video would be played along when you open the window.

Android playback triggered by the window

Neither of them are difficult task, but it is still too difficult if you are without particular electronics and programming skills, even it is only trigger and play feature.

It would be perfect if there are some simple devices that artists need zero technical skill for similar kind of creation.

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